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Since 1992 Southwest Battery has grown to be the largest Industrial Motive Power Battery Company in the State of Arizona. Southwest Battery represents the number one selling industrial battery with new and used batteries and chargers available for fast delivery.




When you do business with Southwest Battery, you'll find experienced, professional people who see things your way. We see you as a "business partner," and we'll do everything we can to keep your business.

We at Southwest Battery recognize that each of our customers have different needs and requirements. In order to assure our customers complete satisfaction, we will customize our service programs to your needs as they arise. Whether the need is an unplanned service breakdown, a planned maintenance program, a battery wash program, or solutions to your battery storage and handling requirements, we have the equipment and the trained professionals to handle your needs. Keeping you happy with our products and service is what our business is all about, so think of Southwest Battery Company whenever you have a need for industrial motive power batteries, chargers and accessories.

Southwest Battery Company / 4320 E. Broadway, Phoenix AZ 85040 / (602) 437-9244